Friday, October 14, 2022

Say A Nice Thing!

Another short post to as a follow up on the last post. Last post I challenged you and me to do something nice and report back in the comment section. This time I challenge you and me to say something nice to someone. Make an effort to go out of you way to look for something to compliment someone about. Compliment someone on their appearance, their lawn, their attitude, etc. and then report back in the comment section.



  1. You have a great idea. Yesterday I thanked the woman who leads our women's Bible study group. I also gave her a travel mug with Be Still from the Psalms on it and she was very surprised and pleased. The words Be Still apply to the study we are doing.

  2. I had a technician at the Walgreens pharmacy counter go above and beyond to help me today. Thanked her profusely.

  3. I sent a birthday card to a teacher friend and told her how beautiful she is.

    1. Very nice! I'm sure the personal note was a huge bonus.

  4. I saw a young couple with three kids loading up their car at Walmart tonight and said "You have three very cute kids there". The parents gave a "thanks" and I got five smiles from them all and two friendly waves from the cute little girls. One comment resulted in five happy smiles. I loved it and need to do that more often.

  5. Today, I told two ladies dressed in their church dresses that they looked pretty as they left a Mexican restaurant that we had dined at.