Friday, April 19, 2024

A Pedicure


I've posted many times about trying new things. I have a new one to report thanks to a Christmas gift from my wife. She gets her nails done often and gets a pedicure every once in awhile. She felt that I would enjoy a pedicure and gifted me a gift card for one at the shop she frequents. 

Yesterday, she announced she was going to get her nails done and I bravely announced that I would join her and try this pedicure thing. I was hesitant as I entered the salon not knowing what this thing would involve. I always thought a pedicure was getting your toe nails trimmed and painted much like your fingernails. I also largely thought this practice was for the ladies of the world even though I have heard that men enjoy them.

I sat in the pedicure chair and the pedicurist, if that is a word, asked if I wanted the massage function turned on for the chair. I said "sure" and my first pedicure began. The massage chair was pretty nice and I became comfortable very quickly. Next was a soak in a hot footbath. I'm liking this more and more! Then came the nail trimming, the scrub, the wax and the hot stone massage. The pedicurist said "Happy feet make happy people". I couldn't agree more. I thoroughly enjoyed this pampering and will be back to enjoy this again in the near future.

For this post I looked up pedicure history. Pedicures have been around for thousands of years and was enjoyed by ancient Egyptians. In Babylonia, noblemen gave themselves pedicures using solid gold tools. Very nice! Early depictions of early manicures and pedicures are depicted on some pharaohs tombs. Pedicures didn't become popular in the United States until the 1990's. Wow, we are behind the times! Prior to that, most of the U.S. classified the pedicure as a medical procedure and had laws preventing them.

If you have never experienced a pedicure, I highly recommend you give it a try. It feels awesome to have "baby soft" feet as my pedicurist described them. I asked my wife several times if she wanted to feel my baby soft feet yesterday. She never took me up on the offer! Happy feet make happy people!

Have you enjoyed a pedicure? Do you agree that it is a pretty relaxing event?


  1. I have never had a pedicure or manicure.

  2. No, but only because I have not been gifted a gift card. I’m too cheap to pay for such things myself.

  3. "Pedicuring" suffers from a lack of good publicity.