Sunday, January 30, 2022

What's on TV?


I've posted before about what I'm watching on TV and thought I would do an updated version. My wife and I have watched more shows and movies on streaming platforms than on cable television lately. Some of our favorite shows and most recent shows are listed below:

  • Yellowstone (Paramount)- one of our favorites right now
  • Mayor of Kingstown (Paramount+)- also a great new show from the makers of Yellowstone
  • 1883 (Paramont+)- a pretty good show which goes back in history of the Dutton family of Yellowstone above
  • Yellowjackets (Showtime)- an interesting story
  • Dexter New Blood (Showtime)- a one series reboot of the old Dexter
  • Ozark (Netflix)- one of our favorites and can't wait for the final Part 2 to come out!
  • Chernobyl (HBOMax)- my wife was not interested in this one so I watched it. Very interesting historical piece. I was surprised by the use of bio robots!
  • Your Honor (Hulu)- starring Bryan Cranston. We enjoyed this one and look forward to a second season
  • This Is Us (NBC)- We are sorry to see that this great series is in the last season
  • Don't Look Up (Netflix)- starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I thought this movie was pretty good. It is a good satire of the Covid crisis or possible climate change

I am one episode into Ray Donovan and like it so far. There are many more series that we have watched but I can't think of each one. The list above includes our most recent. There are so many options for movies and series that it is mind boggling. 

We tend to watch those that we hear about from others or on social media. Let me know of any interesting things you are watching and I'll take a look at adding it to my list. Any and all suggestions are appreciated and may enlighten us all to some great shows!


  1. Without knowing what channels you have, feel free to look at the TV tab at the top of my blog which ad ittedly really needs to be updated. If you like Sci Fi even a teeny bit watch the Expanse.

    1. I've considered Expanse but forgot about it. It looks like something I would enjoy, my wife not so much. I'll give it another look.

  2. I don't watch much TV or stream much but I did just reactivate my Netflix subscription and started watching Ozark. Hooked already on it. I did write down some of the things you and your wife enjoy watching to see where I can catch them down the line.


    1. Ozark is so good, but a trainwreck! I envy you just starting Ozark and having so many episodes ahead of you. Another favorite of ours on Netflix is Virgin River.

  3. I haven't watched any of those, because the only streaming we do is netflix, and I'm not even good at that! But I need to figure it out, as it seems most of the good shows aren't on regular cable anymore.

    1. I agree that the good shows aren't on regular cable anymore. We watch very little, other than news, on cable. Netflix alone will offer you more than you can watch. Thanks for the comment.