Thursday, February 29, 2024

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to all of you who have a birthday on leap day! You are the lucky ones who have 25% of the birthdays that the rest of us do. Here's to you 20 year old leap year babies who are actually 80 today! 

The fact that leap year babies can count their birthdays at a much slower rate than the rest of us makes me think of my many birthdays. I have numerous birthdays throughout the year and thus I may be approaching 100 birthdays or more here in my normally 58th year. 

Let me explain. I have downloaded many apps on my phone to get reward points from various establishments. I am a reward member at Chickfila, Red Lobster, Dunkin, Crumbl, Dominos, Regal, Qdoba, Freddy's, Cracker Barrel and McDonalds.  Most, if not all, of the apps ask for your birthday month and day so you can get a special reward for your birthday. I don't like giving out my actual birthday. So, I usually have a birthday in the month after I download the app so I can enjoy my birthday gift soon! 

This strategy gives me a variety of birthday presents throughout the year. I am a genius. I have managed to find a way to celebrate my birthday year round. But, if I have 10 extra birthdays a year, I am aging rather quickly. Now that I think about 10 extra a year, I'm probably closer to 200 at this point in my life.

My latest app addition was McDonalds last week. I am out of pocket on vacation most of March so I chose April 2 as my birthday. I can't wait to see what I get for my birthday!

Do any of you have leap year birthdays? If so, do you have one big blowout party every four years or do you celebrate every year even if it is on Feb 28th? Do any of you spread you app birthdays around and enjoy year round celebration like I do?

I still have a birthday reward from Red Lobster available until March 3rd. Chocolate cake with ice cream! Yum! And, Happy Birthday to me!


  1. I have a good friend born on Feb 29th, thirteen Feb 29's ago. She is officially a teenage today. Most of the time, we picked either Feb 28 or Mar 1 to celebrate, whichever occurred on a Friday or weekend or was just more convenient to celebrate. But we always tried to have a special one when we are able to celebrate it on the 29th.

    I don't utilize food apps. I don't like all the notifications, emails, and other methods of contacts so I've never had the opportunity to spread my birthday around. But it sounds like a nifty way to do that if one is so inclined.

  2. I started using fake birthdays for corporate rewards, too, but never thought about making the day soon after registering. I will do that from now on.

    1. Just figure out the next time you want to visit and time your birthday with that date. I did that at Texas Roadhouse because we don't visit it very often so I set my birthday a month or so down the line.

  3. The only thing I have on Leap Day is my Blogaversary. I didn't even realize I was starting it on a Leap Year when I started it on February, 29th, 2008.