Friday, June 17, 2022

New Things in 2022!

 As an update to my last year's quest to do 101 new things, here is 10 more new things I have recorded for this year. I have been trying to squeeze a new experience in when I can. It is always fun to see or experience something I have never seen before. 

I've always been interested in history and ancient Egypt always fascinates me. Visiting the pyramids and other ancient sites is on my bucket list. In January, my wife and I visited a Ramses the Great exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences for new thing number 1. It was amazing to get up and close to items that are thousands of years old!

Next on the list, and history related, was a trip to Beaumont, TX for a visit to the Texas Energy Museum and Spindletop for a little oil history as number 2 and 3. I had recently read a book, The Big Rich, about some of the first Texas oilmen. The museum visit really brought the book to life.

Number 4 was a trip to the Golden Nugget casino in Lake Charles, LA. Nothing really new, the casino was like most others I have seen and I left them a little money to help with the electric bill and headed back home!

Number 5 was Art Cars in the Park in Houston. I had never heard of an art car and saw an ad for the display of art cars and a parade. We made it to the display of 30-40 cars and saw some really interesting cars decorated like nothing you have ever seen. We had a great time but felt we had seen a pretty good representation of the art car world and we skipped the parade the next Saturday. Houston has the biggest art car parade with about 250 cars entered this year. 

Number 6 was a quick trip to the Water Wall in Houston. A huge man made waterfall display. It was awesome to see and feel the mist coming off the various waterfalls.

Number 7 was a visit to the National Funeral Museum in Houston. This was one of those "you never know 'til you go" moments. It was a very interesting museum and I learned a little about the history of the funeral business. 

Number 8 was a visit to Washington on the Brazos and Texas museum. This was the place where Texas declared it's independence from Mexico.

Number 9 was a Brenham, TX. Brenham is a quaint little town with shops and dining spots and is home to Blue Bell ice cream. Unfortunately the Blue Bell observation area and gift store were closed the day we were there. 

Number 10 was a ride in a Tesla. I have always admired the Tesla cars and there were a lot of them running the streets of Houston. I met a man who owned one and asked for a ride. I was impressed with the all electric car. It was sleek inside with a touch screen that handled all the specifics of the car. The acceleration was incredible and instant. I see a Tesla in my future!

Of all these new things, I most enjoyed the Egypt exhibit and the art cars. If you ever get a chance to see either, I highly recommend it. 

Keep your eyes open to new opportunities to see and do new things. You never know what you might really enjoy. And if you do something you don't enjoy at least you can say "I tried that one time". 

Have you tried anything new lately? Any great new discoveries or experiences? Any experience that wasn't so great but you are glad you gave it a try anyway? And, I will really go out on a limb on this one, has anyone ever been to the National Funeral Museum?


  1. Good choices! I’d like to see the art cars and the waterfall building for sure.

    1. The art cars were a pleasant surprise. Some were beautiful, some were gaudy! The owners were interesting people also!