Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lizards and Lollipops!


"Lizards and Lollipops!" or, the "Joy of Grandchildren" is the topic of today's post. My wife and I have been keeping our three granddaughters on a daily basis through the work week, a 3 year old girl and twin 6 month old girls. The 3 year old has been going with me on errands and short shopping trips and seems to really enjoy getting out. Everything is new to her and she constantly asks "What is that?" or "What is that called?". She learns something every time we go out. Last week we made a trip to our local Ace Hardware store to make an exchange of a plumbing part I needed to change out. Two seconds inside the door she spots the toy area at the front of the store and grabs a metal toy car. Then she spots a dinosaur and puts the car back. Next she sees a lizard like the one above and I tell her she can get it. She is giddy with excitement about her new lizard! Those slick Ace Hardware marketing people know what they are doing. I guarantee you that they sell more $7.99 lizards than $7.99 toilet parts!

This week the 3 year old went with me one day to the post office, the pool store, the AT&T store and the grocery store. Later that day I remembered I needed to replace a sprinkler head and we headed to Lowes. She asked if they had toys and I replied that they did not. At the checkout line, another marketing genius had placed a huge display of lollipops. Who does that at a hardware store! She politely asked to get one and of course Pawpaw said "yes". She picked out a large pink, bubble gum flavored beauty. I asked the cashier how much it was, thinking it was some outrageous price of $4.99 or something. I was surprised when it rang up at $1.08. We got in my truck and I buckled her into her car seat in the back and unwrapped her lollipop for her while trying to sing the old Lollipop song even though I only knew the tune and a few words of "Lollipop, Lollipop, oh little Lollipop". She laughed at me and began to sing something similar. 

On our way home I hear her say "Oh no!" and I say "What's wrong?" at about the same time I turn around and see her lollipop covered in tissue paper while she tried to pick tiny bits off of it. I told her to not lick it and I'd fix it at home. After rinsing it off at the house and restoring the lollipop to it's edible glory, I looked up the Lollipop song and played it for her. She broke out into the cutest dance and melted my heart just watching her enjoy herself so much. That $1.08 was so worth it! These small moments are great treasures to be experienced! Of course, I texted her parents and said "Look at what your genius child did!" Google the song and play it, you can't help but enjoy it!

In retirement or any time, grandchildren can bring great joy to us. Our 3 grandchildren can wear you out at times, but those precious moments when they bring a smile to our face can't be beat. I know these moments are to be savored and they will grow up fast. I see many more lizards and lollipops in the near future!

Do you have any fun stories or memories from you grandchildren? Anyone else guilty of saying yes to lizards and lollipops?

Well, it's 7:30 pm and I've got to get to bed because they are all coming over again tomorrow! Pawpaw and Nanna need to recharge. 


  1. Just the sight of that lollipop with the tissue stuck all over it made me laugh out loud! Hope you got all rested up for the next day. What fun!