Monday, November 8, 2021

Pet Peeves

 I have numerous things that I consider my pet peeves. Some irritate me a little, some a lot. Some of them I just shake my head at the stupidity of some of our fellow earthlings.

Definition of pet peeve

a frequent subject of complaint
My number 1 pet peeve is drivers on their cell phone while driving or at a stop sign or traffic light. I am quick on the horn when the light turns green and the other two lanes are already a hundred yards down the road while the person in front of me is oblivious as they check their latest "must see" text or post. Drives me crazy and I seem to be behind these drivers about 8 our of 10 lights! When I drive, my phone is usually in my pocket. Sure, I feel the vibration of a text or notification while on the road, but I will get to it in 30 minutes or an hour down the road. This activity really gets to me when I see a newscast about a death on the road caused by a distracted driver. It is a loss of someone's life just because that driver had to look down and focus on their phone instead of the road.
Another big peeve of mine, leaving your trash on the parking lot of Walmart or anywhere else. How many of you have seen the used diaper sitting in the parking lot? Why in the world does someone think placing the used diaper outside your car door, on the parking lot, is a great idea? I also see upright Big Gulp drink cups, small bags of trash from drive thru restaurants, etc. I was in the car recently waiting on my wife to make a quick trip into a store. While sitting in the parking lot, I see a car pull out of a parking spot and drive down the aisle and then stop, open the door, and set a Big Gulp cup on the ground and drive off. What the heck? My wife and I owned a coin operated laundry for a few years. Often, I would find a pile of cigarette buttes in the parking spots in front of our laundry. It was obvious someone emptied out their car ashtray while waiting on their laundry. I complained one day to my wife after cleaning the parking area and said "Why do they do that, do they just think someone is going to come around and clean up their mess?" She replied "Isn't that what just happened". She got me on that one.
Other pet peeves:
  • People who can't smoke inside a place but choose to smoke 2 feet from the front entrance. Please, just step away a little further.
  • People who go in the exit and out the entrance to some stores. I've even seen some of these people set off alarms at Walmart at the stores that have the little bars across the exit area. 
  • A very recent one.....People who let their 4 young kids drive the electric handicap carts at the grocery stores chasing each other and ramming them like bumper cars! Really! Where were the shopping cart police for that one?
  • People who stand in line to order food for 15 minutes and not know what they want when it comes their turn. 
  • People talking loudly on their cell phones in a small or crowded space. Even more of an irritation when they have it on speaker phone mode! Ditto, for those that watch a constant stream of Tiktok and other videos endlessly with the volume up or on speaker. 
  • Similar to above.....parents who let their kids watch videos and play games in restaurants with volume up. Please get some headphones!

I have a lot of other pet peeves that I can't think of at the moment. What are your biggest pet peeves? Do any of the above cause you some irritation also?

I often have told my family that I would like to take all the stupid people in the world and ship them to Mars. I just now realized that wouldn't be fair to Mars as it would not take long before that beautiful red landscape would be littered with dirty diapers and cigarette buttes!

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