Sunday, September 26, 2021

101 New Things Update for September

 It's time for a quick update on my quest to do 101 new things this year. As of the last update, in May,  I was up to 42 things. I have not added a lot since then but here are the new additions:

43.  Pompeii exhibit at the Houston Museum
44. Shop The Strand in Galveston, TX
45. Crave Cupcakes in Houston (out of this world good!)
46. Click's Steakhouse in Pawnee, OK (best steak I have ever had!)
47. Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum- Pawnee, OK
48. Black Rifle Coffee Company
49. Dance on cruise ship in front of a crowd in a contest
50. Visit Merida Mexico
51. Visit Houston Space Center NASA
52. Pulled medical drain out of my wife 
53. Grew a beard 

The Pompeii exhibit was awesome and I highly recommend it if it comes to your city. It was amazing to see items that were recovered buried under the ash a long, long time ago. The story was fascinating and made me add a visit to Pompeii to my bucket list.

The Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum was a nice little gem located in north Oklahoma. Pawnee Bill ran a Wild West Show and even partnered with Buffalo Bill for awhile. Very interesting place to visit.

The "Grew a beard" was just done on a whim as I have never gone more than 2-3 days without shaving for my entire 56 years. I did have a mustache in the late 80's and early 90's but that was it. I never had a beard. I'm not a fan of this scruffy gray beard of mine and it came off at the 3 week mark. But hey, it's a new thing that I have never done!

My quest will continue, although it is looking like I won't make 101 unless I get really busy the next few months. It is still fun looking for something new and interesting to make the list. We are off to Houston for months of treatment for my wife and I plan on doing a few things down there such as visit the Battleship Texas that was recently refurbished. I'm sure I can find a few more new things in that area. And......I still have that can of sardines in the pantry I could pack for the trip!

Any of you out there tried something new and interesting lately?


  1. It's so easy to get caught up in everyday life and forget to make time for unique activities.

    1. I agree with you. You just have to make an effort to look for something. Even a small "new thing" can add a little joy and something different to our day.

  2. Good for you! Did you like the Pompeii exhibit? I saw it with students when I was still teaching and was quite impressed and moved.
    Now let’s see, we searched out and shopped at an Asian supermarket for some things we have been craving and discovered a whole small historical neighborhood we didn’t even know was there. And we went to a museum right in our small town that we have somehow missed doing for the six years we have lived here. It was quite a bit nicer and more interesting than we thought it would be.

    1. Sounds like a great time. I enjoyed the Pompeii exhibit a lot! I loved seeing the pottery, statues and mosaics that survived.

  3. I think the beard and goatee looked great ! You already have Dads features but the beard …. Love you Brother !

    1. Yes, the beard has the exact coloring of dad's.