Friday, September 15, 2023

Rocket Launch

In keeping with the space theme from my last post, this one will also be space related. I have several bucket list items that I would like to get to in the next year or so. One of those items is to see a rocket launch in person. I imagine the sight of a launch is impressive when seen live. I have seen several web sites that list launch schedules around the world and around the U.S.   

I would like to see a large rocket such as a Falcon 9 or Starship being launched in the U.S. I plan on flying to Florida or other launch location to see the launch and plan on having a flexible schedule to account for any delays. 

Have any of you seen a rocket launch in person? If so, any advice on the best location to see a launch? Is a rocket launch as great as I envision it? I have seen that NASA has an area to view a launch where you have to purchase tickets. Is that the best way to see a launch? Any advice and tips would be appreciated as I plan to cross this one off the list!   


  1. Once as a young teen, I was scheduled to see one at Cape Canaveral but poor weather interfered. I can't believe nearly 40 years have gone by since and I still haven't seen on in person though would love to if given the opportunity. But living so far away from launch sites, it is not something I would probably travel for specifically when I have so many other things I also want to see that require traveling too.

    1. Being in Oklahoma, I am not close to a launch site and would need to travel also. I plan on combining it with some sight seeing or a cruise to make a full trip of it.

  2. No advice to give you, but I look forward to your report after you've done this.

  3. I saw one once from Cape Kennedy, from a distance though. It was still pretty cool!