Friday, July 7, 2023

Fly The Flag


On Fourth of July, I put out my flag as I do on most holidays and holiday weekends. I noticed about 6 out of 10 houses on our street were flying the U.S. Flag. It was a nice sight to see all the flags fluttering in the breeze. We live in a great country despite it's many flaws and issues. I would think that flying our great flag would be one of those things that not too many people would disagree with. It is something that all Americans can be proud of and display it with no fights over politics, religion or the latest social media posts. 

I recently read a book about Daniel Boone and early American history. I was astounded at the violence that was present in that day. You had to constantly be on alert of being attacked by the local tribes on whose land you were treading on. The early settlers were as brutal as their enemies and I was amazed to read some of the brutal fighting and tactics used by all of those involved. We now live in a much more civilized and safe country. This country has suffered through many major issues and wars over the years to be were it is today. I am optimistic that this country will continue to be a great place to live for the remainder of my years and for future generations. 

Fly the flag with pride!


  1. As a history buff, I never get down and out when current politics don’t go my way. There is still no other country I’d rather live.

  2. I enjoyed the Daniel Boone show as a kid. Such a great family. Reading biographies as an adult woman, I think about his wife, home in the wilderness with 10 children while he was gone months and months at a time.

    1. It was a tough life for sure. And he saw a lot of those 10 children die in his lifetime.