Wednesday, March 24, 2021

101 New Things for 2021

Sometime last year I read a blog that mentioned how the blogger was doing with their new year's resolutions for the year. One of their goals was to try 101 new things that year. I think the blogger had hit 40 something out of the 101. This year I set the same goal to try 101 new things. So far, I have enjoyed trying new things and look forward to many more. I've completed 18 so far, so I'm a little behind schedule. I need to hit  8-9 a month to make goal. So, I need to be at 24 at the end of the month to be on track. Here is my list of new things completed so far:

  • Greek food-lamb gyro
  • Tried a Huli-Huli chicken recipe
  • Tried a new bakery around the corner and had a cupcake
  • Thai food- Chicken Pad Thai
  • Axe throwing
  • Tried a french onion chicken recipe
  • Tried a new fried catfish restaurant
  • Learned to sew on a sewing machine
  • Played Backgammon for the first time
  • Moroccan food
  • Started a blog
  • Visited a Seminole Nation Museum
  • Visited graves of G-Grandmother and GG-Grandfather and GG-Grandmother
  • Tried a new fried chicken restaurant called the Drum Room
  • Attended a Toby Mac concert
  • Tried a new coffee shop
  • Tried a new pizza place
  • Made a Chocolate Guinness cake
I have numerous ideas for the coming months. I would like to try pottery making, archery, flight lesson, Top Golf and Pho. Getting to 101 may be difficult and all will not be epic new things. A new restaurant, new coffee shop and new recipes will need to fill the gaps between the epic things. I plan on adding several to the list from a vacation we have planned in May. The quest to hit 101 new things, has me looking for new places, things and events to go to. Some of these, I may never have thought about or might have said "maybe, some day". I've enjoyed the new things completed already and feel like it has added a new freshness to the year. I have a new optimism about the future and about adding things to the list. 

 I encourage each of you to look for something new to try this year. You don't have to do 101 things. Just step out of your routine and try one thing and see if it doesn't add a little something to your life. 

If you have any great ideas I could try, please comment and let me add them to my list. Now I've got to get up the courage to open that can of sardines sitting on our kitchen island. I bought it a few days ago to add "Try a sardine" to my list. Wish me luck!


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